Financial Goals
1) Leaving assets to my heirs is important
2) Leaving an estate for my heirs is a top
    priority in my financial plan          
3) I believe that my heirs will benefit greatly
    if I leave them my estate          
4) Increasing the size of my estate is a desired
    financial goal
5) I am willing to devote interest earnings on
    my investments to pay for long-term care insurance          
6) If I can, I would like to leave part of my
    estate to a charity
7) I would like my grandchildren to benefit from my estate
8) I am willing to consider a wealth replacement trust
    if I am uninsurable for LTC          
9) I am ready to put a LTC plan in place now while
    I am healthy          
10) I feel that I would rather "let the chips fall where
      they may" and take my chances that I will not need care          
11) If I need care and spend my own money my
      heirs can have what's left          
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