Doing Business with National/New York Long-Term Care Brokers

Our Mission Statement

"To strive and continue to be the most extensive Long-Term Care Insurance delivery system by providing a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products and support services with the highest degree of ethical and professional standards to both individual consumers and financial service industry professionals."

Who is National/New York Long-Term Care Brokers?

National/New York Long-Term Care Brokers is an independent, nationally-recognized, brokerage firm that specializes exclusively in Long-Term Care, Life & Disability Insurance, consulting and sales. We have received many national awards for expertise and results in helping the general public protect their assets and preserve their independence. The firm offers a comprehensive portfolio of long-term care and life & disability insurance policies for individuals, employer-sponsored groups and professional associations. NLTCB & NYLTCB's public/private sector client list includes major universities, trade associations, health maintenance organizations, an association of retired teachers, public employees, and a large and diverse block of individual consumers in more than 10 states. In addition to providing an ongoing series of workshops, along with educational resources for the general public on long-term care related issues, NLTCB & NYLTCB also sponsor a fully accredited continuing-education curriculum for professionals in the financial service industry.

The corporate office is located in Clifton Park, NY. (An Albany, NY suburb)


  • Toll-Free, Dedicated Consumer Help Lines
  • A Comprehensive Portfolio of Long-Term Care, Life & Disability Policies from over 25 top rated insurance companies.
  • On-Site Long-Term care seminars for associations, civic, Church, retirement and employee groups.

National/New York Long-Term Care Brokers
11 Executive Park Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065-5631
518 371-5522 / 800 695-8224
FAX 518 371-6131


Over the past several years, National/New York Long-Term Care Brokers has grown to become one of the largest Brokerage Agencies in the U.S specializing in Long-Term care insurance, Life, Annuity, and Disability insurance. One of the reasons for our impressive growth is our commitment to excellence. Our commitment to high standards is apparent in the professional guidelines that we have developed and expect our representatives to share:

  • To be knowledgeable concerning the product and benefits, so that the client receives accurate and thorough information.
  • To honestly and ethically recommend to our clients those products which will meet their specific needs. Where the client does not have sufficient financial resources for this coverage, we will so advise them.
  • To treat all clients with respect.
  • To provide outstanding customer service.
  • To conduct ourselves in a professional and competent manner.

INFORMATION ABOUT National/New York Long-Term Care Brokers

11 Executive Park Drive Clifton Park, NY 12065
518-371-5522 toll free: 1-800-695-8224
fax: 518-371-6131
QUOTE DELIVERY: Within 24 hours!

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