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Continuing Education Credits

Got C.E.?

New York & National Long Term Care Brokers can help you with your State Insurance Continuing Education Credits!


Via NY & National LTC Brokers

First, New York LTC Brokers is an approved NYS Insurance C.E. provider and we have several shorter duration (1-2 hour) courses approved by the State of NY. We run these periodically as part of our normal training calendar. To see if we are offering any NYS C.E. in the coming weeks, click here for our current training calendar.

Via WebCE

Finally, for those of you interested in getting your C.E. online, NY & National Long Term Care Brokers has partnered with SuccessCE to bring a huge assortment of online C.E. courses to you. SuccessCE is a leader in online financial service education and has C.E. approved in most, if not all, states. For more information on our affiliation with SuccessCE, click here