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Partner Perks

As a valued producer with New York and National Long Term Care Brokers, we strive to do everything we can to provide you with the tools necessary to help make you successful in your fixed insurance sales, from Long Term Care to Life to Disability Income to Annuity and beyond.

In addition to the direct support we provide, we work closely with certain third party marketing partners who (1) offer special tools we feel may be of significant help to you and your practice and (2) have agreed to provide their support tools to our affiliated producers on a DISCOUNTED BASIS because of your affiliation with us.

Please review are current slate of Partner Perks discount programs and we encourage you to contact each of these marketing partners directly with any questions, as well as to take advantage of the special discounts made available through our relationship. Please keep in mind that your involvement is completely voluntary and you should seek out approval (compliance or otherwise) as necessary from your own organizations as to the use of any of their respective materials or offerings.

LTC Help Center

LTC Help Center is a web based tool designed to generate leads for people interested in LTC planning and LTCI. It is part of a marketing/branding system from Financial Help Centers. The system and tools help agents and advisors brand themselves as 'experts and specialists' for the prospect's specific needs when they are known as a 'Help Center.' Agents and advisors generate $Thousands in commissions using the LTC Help Center 'consumer educational book' and software. The normal cost to build an "internet brochure" with LTC Help Center is $495; however, NY/NLTCB has arranged for a special discount on the program for its affiliated agents that reduces the set-up fee to just $195 (includes first year web hosting as well!). For more information, contact Bob Vandy at ext. 105 or via .


VSA - your "Virtual Assistant." - VSA offers a large library of tools for brokers & advisors to help in their conversations and presentations with clients and prospects. From life insurance to long term care, tax information to business & estate planning material, VSA is a TREMENDOUS resource. And, at the normal $23.95 per month subscription price, it's a very cost effective resource. However, producers & advisors who are affiliated with NY/NLTCB can now get this software for a discounted price of just $19.95 per month! VSA will help you present concepts and ideas to your clients and prospects in an attractive format, as well as serve as a library of tax information, specimen planning documents, calculators and much, much more.

To find out more about VSA, visit their website at To get a discounted subscription, just contact Bob Vandy at ext. 105 or via .

Selling LTC is a web based agent informational and training tool that will build your understanding of LTC and LTCI, as well as improve your ability to convey key LTC planning messages to clients and prospects. Some of the things included in are:

  • Recent articles regarding LTC planning and LTC Insurance
  • Basics of LTC and LTCI policies
  • LTCI Policy Product Comparisons
  • Financial Calculators that can be used to make an LTCI decision
  • LTCI Café, which includes phone scripts, sales techniques and more

National & New York Long Term Care Brokers has a limited number of complimentary NLTCB-labeled subscriptions available to this industry leading program. Additionally, if you would like your own individual subscription (without NLTCB labeling), you can get a discount on both the set up fee ($199 vs. $299) and the monthly subscription amount ($34.95 per month vs. $39.95). If you are an affiliated agent and are interested in taking advantage of this limited time complimentary offer, or the customized subscriptions, call Bob Vandy at 800.695.8224 x105 or him.

The Truth

The industry's most effective LTCi sales tool! Let a third party expert eliminate all of your prospect's objections to buying long-term care insurance in a concise, non-threatening way!

The Truth About Long-Term Care Insurance sets the record straight regarding the many myths that surround long-term care insurance. The Truth exposes and debunks each of the 16 myths that keep people from dealing with the issue of long-term care. With 78 million baby boomers rapidly approaching retirement, time is no longer on their side. Make sure that your prospects and clients get the facts, get The Truth, and get prepared!

"Finally, a book that strips away the misconceptions of the LTC need and provides a logical explanation for the biggest roadblocks to people making an LTCi buying decision! My recommendation for producers? Give these books to ALL of your clients over age 40!" Kevin J. Johnson, President & CEO, New York & National Long Term Care Brokers

Perfect for:

  • Prospects and existing clients who don't own LTC insurance
  • Referral Sources - Estate Planning Attorneys, CPA's, Financial Planners, Trust Officers
  • Joint-Work Partners- P & C Agents, Life & Health Agents

New York & National LTC Brokers has negotiated a Special 10% Discount for its Affiliated Producers. To find out more, visit and enter code NLTCB in the PAB# field located below the brown UPS shipping logo.

Financial Scenerios LLC

"Insurance is a solution looking for a problem, Financial Scenarios illustrates the problems."

Financial Scenarios LLC provides Interactive Insurance Sales Calculators that are built into PDF files. In addition to being available for Producers to use at point of sale, the Scenarios can also be attached to an email and sent to clients and prospects. When the prospect opens the PDF file, they will find that the interactive graphical insurance calculators are fully functional, easy to use, and easy to understand. The LTC Scenarios help the prospects "get it" and quickly come to understand the potential effect of a Long Term Care Event on a retirement portfolio. Once that happens, it's no longer the question of "Should they buy?" The question now becomes, "Which should they buy?" Once they get to that point, most of your work is done.

Personalized versions of the Scenarios can have the advisor's name & contact information, including a logo or photo, as well as their web site link embedded into the Scenario. If the Scenario is shared with clients or prospects (i.e. by email) then all of the advisor's contact information goes along with it. If your client or prospect shares it with others, it is just like one of them giving your business card to a friend. NY/National LTC Brokers has set up a special program for affiliated producers, so that they can easily purchase their own PERSONALIZED Scenarios at special discounted pricing.

For more on the private labeled & discounted program, you can go to the Financial Scenarios website at and mention that you are affiliated with NY/NLTCB.


National Long Term Care Network - - The National LTC Network is dedicated to improving the design, distribution and marketing of private long term care insurance and the quality of long term care education for the benefit of the consumer and the agent.

Corporation for Long Term Care - - The Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. (CLTCC) has created the long-term care insurance industry's only third party professional designation, "Certified in Long-Term Care" (CLTC). The quality of the program is evidenced in the granting of continuing education credits by all states.

More Partner Discount Programs will be announced in the near future - we have several in the works and look forward to passing them along to you to help highlight their value (and ours) to help make this year your best yet!!

Good Luck and Good Selling!!