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Employer Association and Affinity Markets

Employer Association and Affinity Markets

The long-term care insurance business continues to move into its adolescent life stage. The original 60 - 75 year old retired customers are being replaced by younger, employed prospects who need to hear a about how long term care insurance protects their current and future retirement assets as well as addresses the issues associated with distant children unable or unwilling to provide future support or care.

Adding to the above factors are the contact restrictions associated with the new "do not call" laws. These regulations have put a serious obstacle in the path of traditional prospecting. More and more carriers and agents recognize that it has become harder to conduct business via the telephone and home visits.

With the decrease in the age of the prospects and the emergence of women as a viable new market for long term care insurance, the workplace becomes an effective and efficient location for gaining access to these new prospect profiles. Whether it's an employer paid "carve-out" plan or a pure voluntary program or a combination, the worksite is becoming the new battleground for the long-term care insurance industry.

Association and affinity markets can also be included within the new target focus segments. By getting the approval and support of these sponsors, an agent acquires the leverage and credibility with the group members that can result in above average closing rates.

With a continuing increase in agent interest and requests for information, it was timely to expand our web site to include a special focus on these emerging markets. Our web content and tools will be refined and expanded on a month to month. We urge our affiliated agents to invest the time to learn more about these opportunities via this new web site resource. In particular, download the Agent's Guides and the Carrier Comparisons prior to contacting us about a case. This small effort will result in a more efficient process for assisting you with your client or prospect opportunity.